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January 27, 2012
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The next morning, there was a heavy knock on your wooden apartment door.  Panicking, you rolled off your bed onto the floor with a "thud."  Who the hell would that be?!  If it was a Nazi out to capture you, they probably wouldn't knock…but you didn't want to take any chances.  Slowly, you reached for your heavy weapon-of-choice frying pan, and got to your feet quietly so as not to wake Laura.  Diffidently, you turned the doorknob and opened the door slightly, but instantly took a ready-to-attack position.  

Then you realized who it was…and felt slightly stupid.  It was your Nazi "friend," Ludwig.  He still had that same intense gaze he wore yesterday when he first burst in.  

"Aaah…L-Ludwig?" you began to question.

"I told you I'd protect you, ja?"  He seemed to be reading your mind…your cheeks dusted over in pink as you nodded in response.

"B-but still…" you muttered, "why are you here, NOW?"

He held up a large paper bag that appeared to be very heavy..  "Food," he answered simply.

You slowly nodded, silently saying "aaaalright then."  You wrapped your outstretched arms around the bag (which did turn out to be extremely heavy) and gave a quiet "Danke."

You—with great difficulty—began to close the door with your foot, but something stopped it.  You looked over your shoulder to see the blond keeping the door open.

"There's about a week's worth of food in there," he remarked sternly.  "Is there anything else you und Laura need for the time being?"

Every word that comes out of this guy's mouth is shocking…  You slowly shook your head.

"Are you sure?"

"J-ja, don't have to do all this for us..." you replied, slowly becoming utterly confused.

He shrugged, walked out, and closed the door behind him.  When he was gone, you leaned your back against the door and exhaled deeply.  This was all weird, to say the least.  You curiously peeked into the bag.  Many cans of food, along with fresh carrots and turnips filled the bag.  You could feel your face heating up, and you realized you were blushing, for some reason.  

You took a deep breath, sighed again, and plodded over to your tiny woodstove.  There was a small pile of wood left beside it.  You threw some in, lit the fire, and put your pan on the stove.  You took out a can of corn, opened it with the tab on the top, and dumped it into the pan.  After a while, it was warm and not canned-looking.  "Breakfast!" you called softly to Laura.  You knew she couldn't understand you, but oh well.  You were lonely, and talking to yourself was no fun…

You fed her some mashed corn and chewed tiredly on yours when you heard more commotion from outside.  "What is it now?" you grumbled.

You apprehensively peeked over the windowsill and peered down on the street below.  A Nazi soldier was ramming against the boarded-up door in the front of the building, trying to get in.  There's a working door on the other side, dummkopf. you thought.  Then you laughed.  "Idiot Nazi, too dumb to use the working door to find your little jew, eh?"  Snickering, you went back to feeding Laura.

Soon enough, though, you heard the wood splinter and break.  Verdammt…  You couldn't use your frying pan to defend yourself now; if you did you'd be wasting food.  You heard the sound of feet pounding up the steps and nearly lost it.  Thinking quickly, you grabbed Laura and your frying pan full of corn and hid in the small closet near the door.  You rocked her as gently as you could manage in your state and hoped that she wouldn't wake up.  

The door burst open and you heard someone storm into the apartment.  You could feel your heart going a mile a minute.  You felt the need to start hyperventilating, but whoever it was would be able to hear you if you did.  The soldier trudged around the room many times, not noticing the closet door, oddly enough.  Lucky you…  "Hmph.  No one is here," the soldier griped.

Another pair of feet entered your apartment.  "I told you that, ja?" a familiar voice sighed.  Your eyes widened.  Ludwig?  

"Ja, ja.  Let's just go back to camp and rest," the first man mumbled, sounding defeated.  As they left, you thought you heard something brush up against the door.  A light tap echoed through the closet door.  Was that Ludwig?  Was he trying to communicate with you?  Biting your lip, you lifted your arm up and lightly tapped a few times on the dark door with your index finger.  

You heard a grunt of affirmation from Ludwig.  Giving a very soft, relieved sigh, you slumped back against the wall as you heard Ludwig leave, closing the door behind him.  When you were sure that they were both gone, you fumbled for the doorknob and opened to door.  You stumbled out into the light and leaned against the door frame, breathing heavily.

"Why did he protect me?" you pondered aloud.

You didn't know.  But you appreciated it.
非常に重要な:I'm going back and editing this story part by part, adding more detail and making the story as a whole better. There will be no changes to the plot, but I would still recommend re-reading the story.

Sorry if it's short and crappy. Kind of a filler part.

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Next: [link]

Preview pic belongs to ~Menidyen and can be found here: [link]
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